The Chosen One

This is one of the best lectures you will hear, about the Ghurabaa, the Strangers, the Muslims who follow the true Islam.

Possibly the most unthinkable story of the last million years is the rise of the modern human culture. The cities we populate and the lives that we lead.

My Journey To Islam - Tim Humble

Ain’t No Ghetto In Paradise

My Journey To Islam - Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble

Hocus Pocus : The Reality of Black Magic & Jinns

A must watch talk by Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble exposing the traps of the shaitaan.

In this lecture you will find the explanation of women’s right in Islam.

Muslims hardly have any hold or influence on major media, especially TV. They instead, exhibit an apologetic attitude and an inferiority complex…

If you eat McDonald’s food or drink Coke or take in any fast food product. Then this short video might change your life.